Why Systeem?

Need the expertise and support of a chief information officer without the overhead? 

✓ Achieve peace of mind with proven leadership and as much support as you need to enjoy a reliable, optimally-functioning and secure network by partnering with Systeem.

Need to resolve a dispute with an insurance company?

✓ Get the real-time data you need when you need it with properly configured systems.

Need to reduce operating costs?

✓ Streamline network efficiency, reduce bandwidth costs, negotiate contracts, and identify hardware and bandwidth partners. Let us join you at the negotiating table.

Struggling with the mountains of new metrics required by ICD-10, Meaningful Use, MIPS and Accountable Care Organizations?

✓ Customize your technology systems to simplify the steps needed to capture and report the correct data. We speak these new languages in our sleep.

Do your physicians say they are more efficient at seeing patients then they were three years ago? 

✓ Our clients do, and we can make that happen for you.

Does your EHR communicate among all your departments and make decisions for you based on practice metrics?

✓ It should, no matter which EHR system you use. We can help.

Ready to learn more about how Systeem can help you?