Systeem Client Testimonials

Thanks so much for being so easy to work with. I regularly share my Systeem experience with my colleagues because I truly feel your company is in it to help practices succeed and do their very best... meaning it’s not all about the money. I really appreciate that we can work with such an outstanding group!
— Brittney Wachter, CEO, Excel Eye Center
I can’t say enough about how much healthier our network is than before the Systeem Medical contract. It’s proven invaluable the layers of experience and expertise they have to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in this new technology-driven environment.
— Stephanie Harris, CEO - Trinity Orthopedics
I love that I can call Systeem up at a moment’s notice. Their techs stay with you until the problem is fixed. You’re never alone with Systeem.
— Kimberly Butler, Administrator - Comprehensive OB/GYN
Systeem is so organized, centralized, knowledgable of our systems and quick to respond that they often detect issues before we do and proactively address them. They provide us access to a full team of specialists who are on call and available to us 24 hours a day — something we couldn’t get with an in-house IT department.
— Bridget Haynes - Medical Imaging of Dallas
Systeem has been an integral part of our EHR implementation. They have taken cumbersome and time-consuming templates and streamlined them so they are easily integrated into our busy workflow. They have experience and problem-solving skills that are invaluable during such a complex project. I could not imagine how difficult EHR implementation would have been without Systeem.
— Andrew Katz - Retinal Consultants Medical Group

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