As a practice leader, you have many priorities...

Because the clinical environment is unlike any other business, the effectiveness of caring for the health and welfare of patients is largely dependent on the health of your technology ecosystem.

Make your practice a place people want to be because the technology ecosystem is reliable.

To achieve peace with technology, consider the following services for your software, hardware, and network infrastructure...

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Grow your business more efficiently with Managed IT Services from Systeem. Take the hassle and headache of dealing with day-to-day technology issues out of the equation so you can focus on supporting your physicians in caring for patients.

Achieve peace with technology so you can focus on what really matters. 

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Performance and Availability Monitoring

Your solution is shaped to the unique footprint and culture of your environment. Think of it like a health monitoring wearable for your technology infrastructure. With custom alerts you are in position to rest easy, we’ll catch things before they negatively impact clinic.


Preventative Maintenance

A finely tuned network, much like a patient, requires regular checkups for optimum health. Our preventative maintenance helps to ensure the proper patches, security checks and lifecycle maintenance for your living network. 


Healthcare Application Management and Integrations

You shouldn’t have to change your practice to fit your EHR. Your EHR software should be customized to meet YOUR workflow needs. It should communicate throughout your practice, from the front desk to the exam room to the business office. And it should provide you the data and metrics necessary for critical practice decisions.



When technology is involved, there's sure to be issues. Next time an issue arises, just pick up the phone. Don't waste another second of your day troubleshooting errors that are not a part of your job description. Get help when you need it so you can get on with your job.



You have big plans? Does your technology ecosystem support them? While most practices have technology needs that require a CIO, most cannot afford one. That doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer. Leverage the expertise when you need it with vendor-agnostic, experienced leaders... not just a single leader but tap into a collective.


Hardware, software, and everything that goes with it... if it involves technology at your practice, we can help. Below is a list of projects and services we provide.

Achieve peace with technology.


Data Backup

When it comes to achieving peace with technology, being prepared for the worst-case scenario with respect to your data means that the worst-case scenario becomes simply a speed bump instead of a wall for your practice. Hardware fails. Bad weather happens. It’s not a matter of if something happens but when.

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Leave the confusion of hosting behind. Whether it's secure email, applications, or your entire server room moving to the cloud, Systeem can create a plan that makes sense for your clinical team, your physicians, and your budget.

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Security Services

Your data is too important to leave it unprotected. The healthcare industry is one of the most targeted for cyberattacks. Don't let your practice be crippled by a cyberattack. Best case scenario, it disrupts the care your patients rely on. Worst case scenario, sensitive data about your patients can be compromised.

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Telecom Procurement and Integration

Communication is key in any practice. With so many options in the market, finding the right telecom partner can be a daunting task. You only need one partner for all your IT needs, including telecom... Systeem.

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HIPAA Services

Patient information and HIPAA are critical items that need a nuanced understanding of clinical impact and goals. Your patients and your clinic  are safer by employing Systeem HIPAA services. 

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