New Besse Medical Platform Powered By Systeem Connect™

Providers Offered Improved, Efficient Access to Patient Assistance Enrollment Through New Besse Medical Platform Powered By Systeem Connect™

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DALLAS, Texas (January 30, 2018) – Systeem Medical, a healthcare platform technology company, today announced a partnership with Besse Medical, a leading pharmaceutical supplier and solutions partner and a part of AmerisourceBergen.

“The motivation behind this partnership is to provide physicians with the necessary tools to efficiently support their practice, ultimately allowing more time for patient care,” said Michael Patrick, President of Systeem Medical. “The new Patient Access Form Automation, powered by Systeem Connect™, will help practices supported by Besse Medical to better streamline workflows when enrolling patients into assistance programs, further facilitating the checking of benefits and prior authorizations.”

Systeem Connect™ will power the new Patient Access Form Automation solution that includes integration with Besse Medical inventory management technologies CubixxMD®, and PODIS®Plus.

“We are constantly working to provide exceptional support for our physician practice customers in order to drive better patient outcomes and ultimately enhance care,” said Eric Besse, Vice President, Information Solutions for Besse Medical. “We look forward to working with Systeem Medical to provide practices an advanced solution that will provide efficiencies and accuracy in the collection and processing of patient assistance data.”

As a result of this new solution, barriers and delays commonly experienced in processing patient assistance eligibility are greatly reduced and often can be eliminated. Removing these obstacles allows patients to get the right treatment, in a timely manner.   

The solution is purpose-designed for user adoption among both physician practice staff and patients through the use of mobile and desktop apps.

“Patients expect easier consumer experiences with respect to their healthcare. While applying for patient assistance is more serious than buying a product online, it shouldn’t be harder to do. With Systeem Connect™, it isn’t. And we’re excited to see the impact of that,” said Mr. Patrick.

The integrated solution will be launched later this quarter, at which time the Patient Access Form Automation solution will be made available exclusively to CubixxMD®, and PODIS®Plus, customers.

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