About Systeem

Specialized Industry Knowledge and Experience

Founded in 2008, Systeem Medical grew out of a successful EHR deployment at a large, multi-site medical practice. Today, our team still focuses solely on serving healthcare clients. Because we specialize, we understand the unique needs you face and what it takes to make your technology a solid foundation for achieving success.

Personalized, Proactive Service

At Systeem, your goals are our goals, and we only achieve success if you do. While our expertise is in technology and problem solving, our passion is for the people we serve. Our goal is to become your IT partner and to be there whenever you need us.

Optimized Performance

Whether it is improving network reliability, customizing and streamlining EHR systems to match your workflow, or detecting technology issues and fixing them before you even know they exist, our job is to lift the burden and challenges of healthcare technology from your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best — providing optimal patient care.

Want to achieve peace with your technology? We can help.