EHR Rollouts

Successful Deployment without the Headaches

EHR implementation does not have to be painful!

Partner with Systeem Medical and watch your EHR deployment unfold with ease. Our clients agree that we provide:

  • Professional accountability
  • Reliability
  • A personal touch not found with larger vendors

Our Five-Step System

  1.  The Planning Phase
    • Conduct a thorough workflow analysis.
    • Meet with your physicians and practice leaders to discuss template layouts
  2.  Deployment
    • Customize your EHR as needed to ensure smooth workflow and proper documentation.
    • Test all systems to guarantee functionality.
  3.  Go-Live
    • Provide each physician with one-on-one assistance during encounters.
    • Ensure a template engineer is on site to work through any unexpected issues.
  4.  Post Go-Live Analysis
    • Gather physician feedback.
  5. Post Go-Live Adjustments
    • Fine-tune templates and documents as needed.


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