Auto Re-fax Service

Frustrated by having to stop, check and manually resend NextGen faxes that don’t go through?

Problem Solved.

Systeem Medical’s Auto Re-fax service is a simple enhancement to your existing NextGen Fax Server that will allow you to eliminate the time-consuming, manual process of resending faxes.

By automating the monitoring and rescheduling of your faxes, Auto Re-fax allows you to enjoy:

  • Improved consistency
  • Peace of mind, knowing your faxes are being handled exactly as you wish
  • Reduced time spent managing your faxes

How It Works

Busy lines and offices that disconnect their faxes can cause problems, especially for urgent or time-sensitive fax messages.

Auto Re-fax is a small application installed in your system that monitors the NextGen fax queue for failed faxes and attempts to resend them. It will resend the fax until the fax succeeds or the number of attempts reaches a cutoff that you define.

You Maintain Control

Auto Re-fax does not replace your NextGen Fax Server. It simply runs in the background, allowing the server to continue to send faxes as normal. At installation, you define how often it checks for failed faxes, how many times it should try to resend them, and how far back in history the system should search for faxes to resend.

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